Three Arrested For Theft

Incident Release:
On April 18th, 2021 at approximately 9:55 PM Deputies responded to the Spring Creek Xcel Energy Substation in reference to an alarm and theft in progress.

Sergeant Carmona arrived on scene as well as Deputy Daniels and found that a spool of copper wire had been rolled out of a hole that had been cut in the fence just moments before.

The wire had been cut from the spool and was not immediately located in the area.

Sergeant Carmona continued his investigation and located a parked vehicle not far from the Xcel substation, and a female subject identified as Jennifer George occupying the vehicle.

Jennifer appeared to be waiting on another subject who was believed to still be in the surrounding area with the stolen copper.

Due to the large area needing to be searched, Carson County Deputies responded to assist with a surveillance Drone and extra personnel, and EOC member Brad Carpenter also assisted with Night Optics specialized in locating heat signatures in the dark.

Consent was denied to search the vehicle and Moore County K9 Deputy Porras responded to conduct a "free air sniff" of the vehicle. Upon the K9 arrival a positive alert occurred and a probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted.

Inside of the vehicle, multiple mobile power tools were located and identified, commonly used to cut through wire and metal. A Taurus 9mm handgun had also been located prior to the search and secured for our safety. The handgun was confirmed to belong to Jennifer.

Identifying information for a male subject identified as Hunter Oeleis was located in the vehicle, and the vehicle was found to belong to Hunter as well.
Xcel Energy personnel responded to the scene as well as a Special Agent with DPS to assist in locating Hunter as the suspect in the theft.

Investigations continued throughout the night and it was found that Hunter had escaped the area and had been picked up near the Spring Creek school by a male subject identified as Woodrow Kennedy. Woodrow drove through the active scene and was identified by LE just prior to picking Hunter Oeleis up.

Both subjects were located in Fritch and were arrested.

DPS and Xcel later located the stolen copper, cut into smaller pieces along with bolt cutters and a backpack, near the scene and near where the vehicle was located.

A quick response by Deputies foiled the theft that was in progress.

We are thankful for the continued support and assistance from Sheriff Tam Terry and the Carson County Sheriffs Office. Over the past month by working together with Carson County, we have recovered multiple stolen vehicles, and apprehended multiple theft and burglary suspects.

We would also like to thank Moore County Sheriff Morgan Hightower and Deputy Porras for assisting us with the use of your K9, and the Borger Police Department for your supportive measures as well.

Thank you to Texas Department of Public Safety CID for the help of your Agent and Xcel for your continued cooperation and support in apprehending theft suspects.

Special thanks to Brad Carpenter for your assistance as well on scene.
All three individuals were arrested for their part in the copper theft and transported to the Hutchinson County Jail on the following charges.

Hunter Oeleis:
1. Engaging Organized Crime -SJF
2. Theft of Material Allum/Brnze/Copper -SJF
Jennifer George:
1. Engaging Organized Crime -SJF
2. Theft of Material Allum/Brnze/Copper -SJF
3. Unlawful Carry Weapon - MA
Woodrow Kennedy:
1. Engaging Organized Crime -SJF
2. Resisting Arrest -MA
3. Taking or Attempting to Take Weapon From Officer-SJF


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